Hello, Fellow Designer

My name is Bekir Can Güven, but my friends call me Bek. I love creating immersive works of art that challenge people to look at everyday life from a unique perspective, and I continuously experiment to expand my toolbox to create some truly memorable and thought-provoking experiences. I excel at designing highly stylized environments to fully capture a mood, and vector art where I create a composition by hiding faces within faces.


The Person Behind the Graphics

Bekir Can Güven

As a recent Temple graduate, I would describe myself as a highly organized, self-motivated multimedia artist who is one hell of a team player. My strongest traits are my keen observation skills and my passion for documenting what stands out to me. I am constantly contemplating how a given resource can be utilized in an unexpected and divergent way. I draw inspiration from a wide variety of mediums, ranging all the way from Batman comics to RuPaul's Drag Race. If you want to work with someone who is genuinely always happy to learn cool new visual tricks and even happier to share his resources & techniques, then I am your guy.

As a young adult, I feel like the only way to further improve myself is to be in daily contact with like-minded artists who would describe themselves as easy-going yet driven, thus resulting in consistent creative feedback to truly test the limits of my abilities. I would love the opportunity to work in an environment where I can use my sense of composition, layout, and color to push a project to its full potential.

Design Skills


Illustrator/Ink Scape


3D Modeling




- Adaptable and willing to learn new techniques in a fast-paced environment

- Superior communication skills, both written and verbal